Dr. Jay “Dr. J” Reubens

Dr. Jay Reubens

Dr. Jay Reubens

M&A Advisor, B.S., P.B.K., D.M.D., L.I.A.

Personal Experience

In 1984, Dr. Jay “Dr. J” Reubens started a solo dental practice in Boston, MA building it to a multi-specialty office with a staff of 18 and over 10,000 patients. He was awarded “1989’s Top 10 Fastest Growing Dental Practices in the state” and then worked hands on with a business broker to sell his practice for $1.95 M. That same year he also marketed and sold a pharmacy he turned around in two years for $900,000. He then started by patenting and manufacturing the first touch free dispenser (UltraClenz®) hired, trained and managed brokers nationally and closed contracts with Mckesson Medical and other leaders (while personally installing his dispenser in White House, Dave Thomas’ office at Wendy’s and many others). In 2011, he invented the first alcohol free hand sanitizer where he met with the top 12 retail chain C-level buyers, closed 10 in 1-2 meetings, added 3 leading healthcare distributors for his national sales team. In 2016, UltraClenz was acquired by Ecolab, Inc. for $22M. His formula is also the only patented alcohol-free hand sanitizer that uses the only FDA allowed active ingredient in a growing $3.6B market. Currently, with a $22M-$24M patent and trademark valuation, he engaged VR Business Brokers/Mergers & Acquisition for the exclusive sale of the company. He then joined the VR to offer his thirty-five years of hands-on seasoned experience and integrate his deep understanding of the complexities and challenges of building and selling companies to maximize the monetization of business owners who wish to move on to new careers of interest. “Dr. J” is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Boston University of Massachusetts Amherst, Bachelor of Arts, Minor Business in 1979 and University School of Dentistry, D.M.D, Honors Graduate, 1984. He has also been a guest speaker at healthcare conferences regionally and nationally and was interviewed over a dozen times of NBC, ABC, CBS, Arise TV Global and others.


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