I would like to first and foremost thank you for your time patience and efforts during the duration of this process selling my business. It has not been easy, especially during such difficult times we have gone through this last year and half. You have kept pure professionalism and dedication throughout. I will say you were very committed to every potential candidate that was curious in my business and did everything in your power to set up meetings or showings day or night. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to thank you for your time and would recommend you and your company to future situations like mine selling a business.
Walter Ozanick
Mr. Baris Guler was referred to me by a mutual friend. My wife and I met with him at his office and we were impressed with his honesty, knowledge and unique way of looking at valuations. We decided to work with Mr. Guler and very quickly realized we had made the right decision. In some ways, he was more confident of what we had built than we were. He had a large network of leads and we began having dialogue with multiple suitors. In the end, he helped us to negotiate a wonderful deal for us that truly validated our life’s work. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to sell his/her business.
Ira Kaufman LCSW
I used Greg Fuchs from VR Brokers to help me purchase my business. From the beginning Greg was very helpful and attentive to my needs. His knowledge of the field is amazing and his communication and professionalism is top notch. Greg helped me find my restaurant and worked very very hard to help me Obtain it. I highly recommend using him if you want to get the job done right !! Thank you Greg.
Chris Ruzat
My family and I decided to sell our business after running it for 19 years. We contacted VR Business Brokers since they sell a majority of the businesses our size. When we met with Baris he knew exactly what to ask and we were listed within a short time. Our business was under contract within several days, Then COVD-19 hit and both us and the buyer decided to part ways. We regrouped and restarted the listing, I don't think it was even 1 hour later we got a call through Baris that we had another interested party! During the entire process, Baris and Tom double-checked and followed up with us and the buyer. It is also reassuring that Baris is always doing more continuing education to maximize the sale and stay up to date with new trends. I feel very confident that with their help the process went smoother we could maximize our sale during COVID-19. I have already referred him to other business owners including my father-in-law. If you would like to contact me feel free to get my contact information from Baris.
David Schoenberg
I would like to thank you and your team at VR Business Brokers for all the business acquisition advice you have provided, it’s been very accurate. As a result, I’ve been able to grow my company dramatically by purchasing two other businesses that provide the same services, and by cross-selling and teamwork I’ve been able to do bigger jobs since then. Moreover, I’m now able to perform jobs that require different certifications, that now I possess from one of the companies I acquired. Without mentioning the savings of getting rid of double expenses. Definitely is a very good way to fast grow your company and your net income!
Pedro Reyes
When I first met with Frank and discussed with him my interest in acquiring a company of a similar nature to mine, he wasted no time in putting multiple suitable acquisitions proposals before me. Within a month, he had not only found me the perfect fit to help me grow my existing business to twice our size. Because of his many years of experience and his numerous connections, he also further assisted by introducing me to several financial professionals to obtain funding, and also the legal firm I used to represent me in the transaction. No matter what time of day or night, I needed to reach him, he was available to take my call, or meet in person, even on weekends. I would highly recommend Frank Feiler, who will go beyond the scopes of a broker by being a true business consultant as well. If you are thinking of buying or selling your business, do not hesitate to contact him.
Michael Piccoli
Since the end of 2019 (December) I have been working with Baris Guler and his team, my experience with them has been amazing. Baris is the most professional, reliable, honest, and dedicated business broker that I have ever worked with, and I plan to keep working with him. Before working with Baris and his team I have struggled with several business brokers that never returned calls, they were always slow, huge lack of communication, dishonest and they never had the expertise, Baris and his team saved me from all that. I completed the closing on a business acquisition in Feb 24 2021, after working for almost 10 months on this acquisition we closed successfully. Baris walked me through all the process patiently and he even saved the deal several times from breaking apart. In few words if some is looking for a business broker that can help them to acquire or sell a business the most efficient, professional, reliable, honest broker is Baris Guler and his team.
Alejandro Alvarado
Baris and VR have guided me and helped sell one of my businesses. They are truly professional and very savvy of our ever-changing business climate. Most of all are realistic and HONEST. I will use them in the future and have recommended them to some of my associates. They make the process easy and are dedicated and follow thru to end of the transaction.
Elliott Landman
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